How do biometric gun safes work?

Biometric technology is all about using the individual traits of a human and linking it to a system. Just like in a crime investigation people can use fingerprints to tie someone to a crime (as everyone has a uniquely different fingerprint), fingerprints can also be used for something like a security system. In this fingerprint security system only one person would be able to open or access the system based on the fingerprint.

Biometric is not just locked into fingerprints but can also be locked into DNA, eyes, voice blood, signatures and more. It is generally believed that they are 100% full proof so far, which obviously is much higher than a safe code that can be hacked after trying enough times.

Fingerprint biometric gun safes

Just like the title suggests the biometric gun safes use the same technology but only use fingerprints (and not eyes, DNA, or blood etc). They are just like normal safes with big key lock or code locks but were solely on fingerprint cues. One of the most common biometric safes is shown below:


How they actually work

The video below highlights how the latest biometric gun safes actually work and what they look like:

It is important to note that they come in all sorts of sizes and shapes for all different types of uses. From car gun safes, to shotgun safes to pistol safes. They have now been designed for all use cases and they all use the underlying biometric technology.

The only question for the user is where to keep the safe. Obviously temperature, access for kids and potential criminals are critical components to consider that you must think about before storing the safe. These components will also become more prominent depending on what state you live in.

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