Famous Wildlife Artists From Texas

Nature is always interesting and wonderful; therefore there are many wildlife artists that spend much time joining nature for great feelings of joy and admiration about animals, the air, the environment and of course for the social areas. Always there is a unique and incredible experience when working with wildlife. Some artists that are famous for famous wildlife art work in Texas include are Eric Wilson and John Banovich. They have their own website that you can visit and check their wonderful work.

Eric Wilson is one of the wildlife artists that has sold many paintings in exhibitions, especially in London, the United States and Germany. Not only that, Eric’s painting have been shown in many magazines and books. The best original book of his was auctioned and it is in the Christine, in London. Eric is not only a painter, indeed his paintings are awesome, but Eric is also a teacher of art and he teaches in any country, such as Italy, Germany, Austria, Thailand, and Holland. He spends much time in studying animals in the wild world.  His wild experiences include  studying directly about polar bears in the Frozen North, studying about tigers in Nepal, and the other is Gorillas in Zaire, and many others actually.

Eric wrote a book about his life and his working. There are many awards as the winner or multi awards for his paintings as well. Then, he also promotes others to keep and conserve wild animals, such as leopards and tigers. He tries to make people understand that animals are not only to be understood as living animals but as art pieces. he believes animals belong to nature and that must be kept for their survival!

The other famous wildlife artist is John Banovich. He is the renowned artist and he is considered as the foremost conservationist. His oil paintings are exhibited in many museums, and they have been collected by many people. Therefore, his oil paintings got many award-winning medals, mostly because of his oil paintings. He is really interested in wildlife because he thinks that wildlife contains much knowledge and it is full of inspiration to continue inspiring others also. His famous quote that saying the world’s natural places become inspiration for others about how indeed nature must be conserved.

His love of wildlife and nature triggers him to create multiple foundations. One foundation is the Wildscapes Foundation. This foundation tries to conserve the wild places of the earth and benefit its inhabitants. Moreover, BWF has supported the project of this foundation to help in saving the wildlife for the next generations to come.

One project of this foundation is the lion project. The lion project consists of some species, such as Laikipia predator, Mara lion and of course Chem Chem lion.  The project that is run by John is all about protection, research, implementation, development, education. This is famously known as PRIDE (Protection, Research, Implementation, Development, Education). The best information also that BWF thinks that PRIDE is really initiatives in dedication to preserve the large conservation landscapes.

This famous figures really inspired some actions for conserving the nature and wild animals. There are many another artist than give inspiration about keeping nature as it is! A big lesson for many Texas loving wildlife artists!

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