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Texan's Headline News:
Week of
November 5, 2005

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Peyton Place Pedophile Culture
Seems to Permeate East Texas Schools

Seismic Activity
in Peyton Place on Highway 31

Peyton Place Culture on Highway 31

Brownsboro Independent School District
Guilty of Obstructing Justice?

Spreading Democracy - a History
Spreading Like a Virus

Aspects of Secessionism

Bird Flu and "Hate" Laws

Final Thoughts on Katrina

Bush Wraps Up in the Flag

A Conversation with Bill Moyers

U.S. mafia hit squads may again have their ugly hands in the car bombing of Lebanese President. U.S. Intelligence reports were quick to finger Syria, but critics contend the killing was U.S. backed in order to justify a future Syrian invasion.

US$85m '7-star' hotel set for
Baghdad's Green Zone
(No Iraqis Allowed - Whites Only Motel)

United States Issues Further Warning
on 'Impending Internal Crisis',
President and Top Leaders Leave Country
As South American War Fears Grow

GOP Criminal Chalabi Returns
to Court Washington Elite

Cheney urges exception
to torture ban for CIA
(Was Jeeezus an Arab?
Cheney's Delight)

Alqaim October Massacre:
Indiscriminate Killing Zone

Syria and the Gaddafi Gambit

The Republican Nemesis

Senate Rule 21
What Happened Behind Closed Doors

Laura Bush Doesn't Care
About Black People or Howard University

Iraq: The jewel in the Bush crown

Pakistan President calls bias over inadequate relief

US specialist seeks to discuss
George W. Bush's mental health issues
with Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez Frias

When can citizens of the United States
stop hanging their heads in shame for Bush

George W. Bush has come to epitomize
the reasons for Latinos' hatred

Venezuela between
Jesus Christ and Karl Marx...

Iraq prisoner abuse witnesses 'disappear' in US custody

US Senate Reaffirms Support for

Amendment Banning Torture

Resistance obstructs U.S. colonial project
U.S.-sponsored Iraqi constitution reveals partition plans

Bill Maher & Tony Snow
Continue the Saddam Lies

Lyons: Libby, lies and the casualties of war

U.S. GOP Religious Right NUTS and Warmongers Want
Total Ban of Israel Arms Sales to Venezuela

Should the U.S. Withdraw?
Let the Iraqi People Decide

Kissinger: An Old Dog and New Tricks

Of Course They’re Rioting in Argentina

They Say That a Fish Rots from the Head Down

Where is Ansel Adams When We Need Him?

The Bush Effect:
U.S. Military Involvement in Latin America Rises,
Development and Humanitarian Aid Fall

The Road Out of Iraq

Panicky Bush slinks away from Chavez

Witnesses Describe Ballot Fraud in Nineveh

Rioters shatter Bush's hopes of forging free trade coup

A country in flames…
French cities teeter on the edge of anarchy

Receives Rousing Welcome In Buenos Aires...
Fox News Analysis

The Bush Cult and the Koolaid.

The people who followed Jim Jones trusted and believed in him. They even went to Guayana, where Jim Jones promised to start a new society, just like the Republicans, led by Newt Gingrich, promised to start a new America. Just like the neocons

Serving two masters
"You cannot serve God and money.”

Documents show Pat Robertson's Christian Coalition
Hit Man (Body Bag) Ralph Reed's firm got casino money

Fighting back in the language war

Most small congregation ministers have modest incomes and modest lifestyles. Not so with the TV preachers. Dateline reported that the Reverend Benny Hinn has an income of around $100 million a year, lives in a $10 million home on the ocean in California, owns a private jet and stays in the royal suites of five star hotels.

Faith and Fraud

Trent’s Lotta Thanks to Cheney
for a Good Night’s Sleep

Hurricane Relief for
Mr. Bush's Very Wealthy Friends

Bush Feels Hand of God as Poll Ratings Slump

Spending Inquiry for Top Official on Broadcasting

Black babes lose their African spirit and attraction
in Moscow

Tony Blair government tainted by 'sleaze,'
ex-PM John Major says

The Dynamic Unification of
South America vs. U.S. Foreign Policy
and Global Corporate Empire

Torture: It's the New American Way

The United States of Torture

It's a sad joke whenever you go to a party or a gathering with sharp people present, and the subject of George Bush's intelligence comes up. Everyone laughs rather sadly because everyone in the room is smarter than George Bush, and everyone knows it. Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Greens - it doesn't matter, most people who are somewhat successful in the world are smarter than our president.

The Secrets of the Pat Robertson Attorney
Puppet Lawyer Jay Sekulow

The Bible says: "...the Pharisees and lawyers rejected the counsel of God against themselves... "
Jesus himself said: "Woe unto you also, ye lawyers! for ye lade men with burdens grievous to be borne, and ye yourselves touch not the burdens with one of your fingers."

Someone is a Liar and Hypocrite?
The Bible and Jesus
Pat Robertson and Jay Sekulow

Give up your guns, urges Toronto's top cop

Chavez-Bush rivalry threatens
to overshadow Americas summit
(Threatens? - IT will probably bring life
to the normally boring summit)

Rumsfeld: GITMO hunger strikers on "diet"
(and Rumsfeld gave them vinegar and bile to drink)

Bush, Cheney can't let Libby go to trial
(The Cover Up Continues)

Insurgents' weapons coming from Iran: UK general
(Yawn Yawn Yawn - Same old story
Same old lies - The Coalition has brought in the WMD

Old lies in new bottles

Basque leader sentenced to one year
for slandering Spain's King of Torturers

Why the US will lose

The American empire and big business

A Priest's Confession

Evidence Of Catholic Coverup

13 sex abuse allegations against Galway

Can you really stop time? –
yes you can according to scientists
reverse engineering extraterrestrial technologies

Like mass can be converted into energy,
time can also be converted into energy

Strange underwater sound and a burst of
electromagnetic waves – a new military weapon system
or a new type of extraterrestrial UFO?

A perfect Numerical Quantum Gravity model shows how
extraterrestrial UFOs pass through the Black and Worm holes

The unknown electromagnetic spectrum –
the real clue to extraterrestrial civilizations all around us

Ultra sophisticated resonance grabbing high-frequency radiation
absorbing telescopes see Type IV extraterrestrial
civilizations tapping energy from super massive black holes

Failure to quell rioting creates a crisis for France

UN 'responsible for killing thousands'

Israel to resume involvement in prestigious
U.S. defense project

The Iraqi Army is the Army of liberation

Al-Jazeera Cameraman Detained in Israel

Source of Forged Niger-Iraq
Uranium Documents Identified
(Warning: Report from Bush Propaganda Organ)

Venezuela Threatens to Defy U.S. on Planes
(Warning: Report from Bush Propaganda Organ)

Venezuelans practice repelling U.S. invasion

Tension Increases Between US Puppet Peru and Chile

Marine tells of 'carte blanche' to kill

Bush Faces Showdown with Chavez 'The Kid'

Wrongful incarceration not unusual in Iraq

Chirac marks France's darkest secret

Ripples of Global Warming Spread Outward

Why the Dems Need James Carville
to Take a Long, Long Vacation

Iran supports Syria against foreign pressure

The Threat of Hope in Latin America

Fadlallah criticizes West's
biased stances on Iran, Israel nucelar issues

Axis of Hardliners, From Tehran to Washington

Syria and the UN: Another polarizing double standard

Bush's Argentina visit ignites violent protests
(US Hypocrisy Democracy Not Wanted!)

Chávez having propaganda field day at U.S. expense
(Warning this headline is also propaganda-
any one that dares oppose Bush is
painted in derogatory terms)

Battle lines drawn for Americas summit

Respecting Latin America

Secrets and Shame

Ozzie vs. Bush

There Comes A Time

...And that time needs to come sooner rather than later. American politics and social civility have slid into a morass from which they must escape.

Poverty Increases as Incomes Decline

When Prison Rape Begins


Here in Europe, we can fully understand President Chavez's call to "Unidad" against the common enemy of most American states as of the rest of the world, namely the corporatist criminals who have taken over the U.S.A.

Cleaning Up the Coalition Chaos


Summits for the American Countries

Bush bird flu plan includes windfall
for pharmaceuticals giants

The Quiet Occupation

Palestinians barred from al-Aqsa mosque

Chavez Says Americas Summit Will Serve to Bury FTAA

Chavez Fights Poverty, and Succeeds

Venezuela: Fumbling A Pop Up

Fox News Venezuela Coverage:
'Fair and Balanced' Or
Quasi-Official U.S. Government Propaganda?

U.S. Sen. Barbara Mikulski
accused Republicans of bending to
"the political ambitions of a few"
rather than doing what's right.

Carter: Bush misled on Iraq war

US-Backed Arab TV Network to be Investigated

White House Pressured Over Allegations of Torture, Secret Prisons

Bolivian Leader Slams US Campaign

Broadcast Board Member Quits Ahead of Report
(that will bring out his
GOP Radical Religious Right crimes against America)

Italy 'Warned Saddam Intelligence was Bogus'

Morales' victory will give Chavez
two revolutionary presidential allies

Orwell's Oceania and Bush's America:
Coming Together

Cuba Blockade Faces Global Scorn

Cuba Condemns US Plans to Pervert Justice

Grim King George and the Price of Paving Paradise

Quake Victims Brace For Snow

Meet the New Interrogators:
Lockheed Martin
(Eisenhower - a real Republican
warned us of the Military Industrial Complex!)

100,000 in India to protest US military presence

Famous New Zealand statue recovered

Bush's Bad Business Empire
Making the World Unsafe for Microsoft and Mickey Mouse

6 US soldiers charged with gang-raping in Philippines
(More of that GOP Religious Radical Right Agenda!)

Lying's Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Filipinos want U.S. Marines out

US trade deal that purports to create a
"level playing field" is useless

Could the OAS have played a role
in the April 2002 coup in Venezuela?

Men, women and children
met troops on the beach:
"Gringos go home!"

How can Bush address
poverty and job creation at the Americas Summit?

CIA-trained terrorist may be rewarded
with asylum in the United States

Documents will not assuage the fears of Venezuelans

Talk of nothing? -- Little progress expected
on regional trade at summit

Manhunt for Texas killer in third day
(Bush escaped to Argentina?)

Ohio GOP Religious Right congressman subpoenaed
(another Abramoff Consipirator?
Is it true that the name of the State of Ohio
will be changed to the State of Diebold?)

GOP Religious Right Tomlinson under investigation

Scalawag Bush to screw over Virginia
endorsing GOP Religious Right
(Pat Robertson approved) candidate

Suspects planned White House bomb
(and this shocks anyone?)

E-Mails Show Ex-Interior Official's Links to Lobbyist
(and another GOP Religious Right Radical Criminal)

Bush Orders Staff to Attend Ethics Briefings
White House Counsel to Give 'Refresher' Course
(Cover UP Training in Disguise for Criminals)

Anatomy of a Disaster

Big Lies and Little Lies

General calls use of 152nd 'inexcusable'
(Your Commander in Chief did it!
yea the STUPID one)

Harmful to National Security

Neocon cabal's dilemmas
(Crimes, Lies, Coverups, Torture?)

Americas summit protest turns violent
(Violence seems to show up wherever BUSH interferes)

Rove inquiry narrows focus

The United States’ 'Disappeared'
The CIA’s Long-Term 'Ghost Detainees'

Red Cross hits US wall over secret terror detainees

The State Eviscerated

The War of the Liberals

Confessions of a Marine

Libby & Nuclear Secrets to China

Fox News Paid for DeLay's Travel: Rep. Tom DeLay (R-TX) "filed a report with the Clerk of the House of Representatives indicating he received free travel valued at $13,998.55 from Fox News Sunday for 'officially connected travel' on October 1-2, 2005

DeLay Sought to Funnel Money Through Charity
(More of the Religious Right's Pro-Israel Mafia Crimes)

Former Powell aide links
Cheney's office to abuse directives

All Problems Bleed from America’s Wound

Israel and the Neocons

History of the War Machine

Varieties of Imperial Aggression:
The Andean Trade Treaties

The Activist Court & the Neoconservative Agenda

Thought Control and 'Professional' Journalism

Hunger In America Rises By 43 Percent
Over Last Five Years (the BUSH Religious Right Years!)

Fuel's paradise?
Power source that turns physics on its head

Libby's Lying Habit
(or the Religious Right's Brand of Christianity)

Religious Right's Tomlinson's Shady Exit

Senate Approves $10 Billion In Medicare, Medicaid Cuts

U.S. Patients Pay More, Get Less
Than Those in Other Western Nations
(and our Patience is Running Out!)

Hurricane Health Crisis
Largely Unaddressed by Gov’t Plans

Major News Outlets
Neglect to Name Secret Detention Facilities

White House Hardens Stance Against
Home-heating Help
(Enron Pundit Bush wants the poor to suffer even more!)

Groups Charge Senate Failed Public
on Farm Subsidies Vote
(Gotta Pay the Queen of England
Those Corporate Farm Subsidies!)

Seeding the evidentiary trail for the next 9/11?

The Summit of the Americas' free-trade farewell

The Gunpowder Plot: history's present

Kashmir's tragic opportunity

Bush faces Latin fury as popularity sinks at home

Haiti in uproar over American candidate for presidency

Thousands chant 'Get out, Bush!'
(and that was just in Texas!
tens of thousands in Argentina)

The day Emporer George Bush came
face to face with Latin America's revolt

It's the poor that gets the blame
If the budget cuts passed by the US senate on Thursday
are anything to go by, the whole thing will end in tears.
Republicans - disgracefully - targeted most of the cuts
on the elderly and the poor
(It's that Compassion from those GOP Religious Right Radicals
that overwhelms us)

The Case of Jerusalem
- The Holy City

No hero's welcome for Bush
Riots get Americas summit off to a rocky start

Democracy and Oil fight it out for the future of Azerbaijan

The golden legacy that Blair was hoping for
is crumbling by the day

Bush War Policy Is Now in Play

A Palestinian boy carrying a toy gun was shot
and seriously wounded by Israeli troops
on Thursday during clashes in the
northern West Bank town of Jenin

Palestinian with toy gun dies of wounds
(Sharon's Killers not any smarter than Bush's Killers)

An unsafe world for US companies

Bush's Increasing Mental Lapses and
Temper Tantrums Worry White House Aides
(Laura Who?)

Alito big believer in electronic surveillance
(search warrant optional)

Toward A Unified Field Theory of the Fraud?

U.S. Military Wants to Own the Weather

Records expunged for most in tainted drug sting


A police officer has been reprimanded
for forcing a handcuffed woman to walk from a
patrol car to a holding cell with her breast exposed.
(Reprimanded? Why not FIRED? Convicted, Jailed?
No JUSTICE.. Just-Them!)

Two former Hilo Wal-Mart employees have filed a class action lawsuit against all Hawaii Wal-Marts, alleging the company shaved time from its employees time cards from 1997 to 2004

US Labor Department and Wal-Mart’s
secret agreement on child labor

Muckraker: The sum of Alito fears

Archaeologists identify Copernicus’ skull
DNA tests planned to confirm Polish astronomer’s remains

2000-year-old grave in Herad, Farsund - Norway

Scotland's Orkneys tell ancient stories


In peril: The rock images of Africa

Smuggling Ring Used Sotheby's 110 Times

Khajeh mountain, biggest unbaked mud architecture
of Parthian era

5,000-year-old Necklace Unearthed in Henan

5,000-year-old homes shed new light on 'henge people'

Ancient hall 'saved by lottery'

Human bones thought to be Roman

Rembrandt, brain scientist?

What a black hole would look like

Astronomers report catching possible glimmer of first stars

Mercury, the molten metal, poses global hazard to humans

Mars Kicks Up The Dust As It
Makes Closest Approach To Earth

Work Bolsters Life On Mars Theories

Titan: Greenhouse And Anti-Greenhouse

Solving The Mystery Of The Tibetan Plateau

Drugs No Answer to Bird Flu: Experts

Quarantine flu? It won't work
It's impossible to contain virus that spreads explosively

The Avian Flu Fright is Politically Timed
A Public Health Warning and Political Essay
by Dr. Leonard Horowitz

The Fear Contagion
A Flu Quarantine? No, Sir

Health officials say outbreak is inevitable
and virus would spread quickly

It's Official: Preventing Pandemic Impossible

Bird Flu Blues

Is Avian Flu another Pentagon Hoax?

Current avian flu is even more dangerous
than 1918 Spanish flu pandemic

Doctor Questions Tamiflu's Effectiveness

Experts Recommend New Measures for Bird Flu

Killer flu could hit any time
Any strain of bird flu could trigger a global flu pandemic,
a group of leading scientists warned

Cranberry and oregano make seafood safe to eat

Avian Influenza
The Next Human Influenza Pandemic?

Start building up your Immune system NOW!

Oreganol P73 and Oregacyn P73
Effective in Trials Again Avian Flu!
Avian Influenza virus
Test Agents: Oreganol P73 Extra Strength Formula
and Oregacyn
Don't Trust the Imitators- Get the ones used in the trials

American Senate Agrees to $4 billion
to prepare for influenza pandemic

Scientists warn of possibility of drug-resistant avian flu

New UN pandemic czar says survival of
"world as we know it" may be at stake

Martial Law as Cure for the Flu

What is the flu pandemic risk?

Which is the dangerous bird flu virus strain, and why?

Could we prevent a flu pandemic?

What is avian influenza?

Texan's Headline News:
Week of
November 1, 2005

More "precision strikes",
more dead Iraqi children who won't be counted

"Iraq is a nation on fire"

Leg-irons for Dickie, Karl and Scooter

By the Rivers of Babylon
Iraqi resistance is not a disorganised act of defiance

Russians Say Volcker Report Based on Forgeries

Just an Accident?
US - Military subdues Losses

A prominent Jewish figure in the US said on Friday that when Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that Israel should be wiped off the map, he did not mean the Jews, rather the 'illegal and illegitimate' Zionist movement and an occupying and immoral government.

Ahmadinejad says no trust in West anymore
over nuclear issue

Resisting the Pistons of Empire:
One America for Peace

US says bombs Qaeda house,
Iraqis say 40 dead
"There are no insurgents in this area,
they are all harmless families."

The Bush solution
Illegally Expand the war to Syria and Iran

Why was Mehlis picked?

Alito: It's Gonna Get Ugly

Hitler in Virginia
(and the White House, and Downing Street)

Katrina: Rumors, Lies, and Racist Fantasies

Earth to Bush: Ditch Cheney
How's that for a 'fresh start'?

India Abandons Global Nuclear Disarmament

What Libby's Indictment Means for the Jacobins

US ‘had has no policy’ in place to rebuild Iraq

A Time to Regroup
Bloodied by scandal, setbacks and casualties,
Bush is looking for fresh troops and a new battle plan


(Warning this link to Propaganda Organ of Bush Machine)
U.N. Is Expected to
Pass Measure Pressuring Syria

Two U.S. soldiers charged over
alleged assault of detainees in Afghanistan

Bad For You Too?
How the Iraq War disappointed Israel

The Yes-Man
President Bush sent Porter Goss to the CIA

Iraq reconstruction running low on funds
(Then make Halliburton give them back!)

US unveils new prison torture camp in northern Iraq
(Reconstruction -i.e.Occupation- going strong)

Rumsfeld says lies US is
making progress against Iraq insurgency

Brits pay £500,000 long distance
for Al-Qaeda to Al-Qaeda
(and Blair wants more NUKES?
he can't even find his PHONE!)

Report: Al-Qaeda
Allegedly Engaging In Telemarketing

Is Trident a sensible way to spend £20 billion?
(Not with Blair's long distance bills)

Afghan poll results delayed due to fraud complaints
(of course the GOP is running the elections)

Chávez Party Heavily Favoured in Venezuela

Washington hid damaging damning Vietnam finding

Pentagon Readies
(Probably Illegal) Personnel Rule Changes

Kansas attorney general is Bush's kind of guy
(Another Religious Right GOP Xeroxing Puppet)

The Battle Over Hackett

Bursting Bernanke's Bubble

Court blocks Ga. photo ID requirement

Bush is in ethical meltdown
but all the liberals can do is gloat


Mexican rights group exposes government's
whitewash of student massacres
(As in Kent State Style Democracy?)

UK poverty report draws attention to widening inequalities
(Billions for wars, Millions for Phone Bills, Pittance for the Poor)

The Italian connection

Right-Wing Activist Alito
(Does not mean preserving YOUR RIGHTS

House bill takes aim at voters of color
Measure would keep nonprofits from voter registration

Some principles
GOP Supreme Court machinations give lie
to talk of overriding standards

Chavez Frias says United States has the
biggest fiscal deficit in the world
(Wall Street is Nervous Now!)

If the US does have plans to invade Venezuela,
it’s going to look awfully silly!

Chavez expects "spirited debate"
in Argentina meeting with G. W. Bush
(Is GWB Pat RoberSIN's Assassin?)

Stop Bush administration plans to
bring down democracy in Venezuela!
(or do it the GOP way!
A vote for Gore is a vote for Bush
A vote of Kerry is a vote for Bush
The Supreme Court will make sure!)

Hard to believe that less than three years ago,
Venezuela’s economy was on the floor

Certain that without strong measures
there will sooner rather than later be war

Reading Between the Lines


Rove and Cheney Are Now Caught
in Fitzgerald's Web
Will They Go Down Too

After the Libby Indictment, the Press Is Acquitting Itself

Taxation or Racketeering?

Dark and Garbled Words

The Mass Killings in Indonesia After 40 Years

Iraq and the Laws of War
(Nuremburg on Bush and Conspirators)

Hey Harkavy!

The disaster of Canadian colonialism
(Disaster of all White Colonizations?)

Chavez: Bush Beats Dead Horse with FTA

Bolivia Seeks Way Out of Crisis

Chileans Join Bush Protests in Argentina

Uruguayans Storm Argentina against Bush

Brazilians Bash Bush on Border

Violent Repression of
Western Saharan Independence Protests

Morales: Trouble Brewing in Bolivia

The dangers in Blair’s crisis of credibility

New UK citizenship testing starts

Chocolate, Unchained

Minister to highlight
plight of Irish illegals in US

Israel's nuclear arsenal causes global crisis

Israel is symbol of disrespect for UN

Despite Warnings (and Wisdom),
U.S. Leans on Syria

The face of Kenya's famine

ECUADOR: Elite creates ‘smokescreen’ for FTAA entry

Mexico’s Undiplomatic Diplomats

Japan funds wary of stocks, shift out of U.S.

Australia 'drowning in regulations'

Big Fire Temple Discovered in Kermanshah

Greenhouse effect occurred 5,000 years ago

Tiberias' ancient black basalt structures
in danger of collapse

Archeological Dig Northwest Of Tucson
Uncovers 2,800 Year-Old Settlement

Archaeologists find oldest Chinese dragon totem

Bulgaria's 1st Catacomb Grave Unearthed

Black Earth, Black Archeology, Black Times

Polynesian cemetery unlocks ancient burial secrets

Next generation electromagnetic pulse bombs
and counter measures based on super-radiance –
reverse engineered technologies from extraterrestrial UFOs

Roadside Bombs Kill 7 U.S. Soldiers in Iraq

Iraqi Cop Moonlighting As Terrorist
Just To Make Ends Meet

George W. Bush's Propaganda War Goes on Trial

George the Brash Hearted
Opening the Floodgates of Military Spending
carries Disastrous Consequences

UN becomes partner in US-UK Crimes

Katrina Keeps On Hurting

The new president of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) has stacked the agency's offices with White House propagandists and GOP loyalists in a bold-faced effort to carry forward Kenneth Tomlinson's right-wing crusade against public broadcasting. (Oh crap.... PBS going to faith-based BS programming? - Jim Bakker, Tammy Faye, Jimmy Swaggart, 10 foot Jesus Visions?)

Now Covering Libby Indictment for NBC News
(Propaganda Organ!)

Leak Case Prosecutor Raises Questions
That Demand Answers

Noe Freed On $1 Million Bond In Bush Campaign Scandal

U.S. not legally bound to reveal dump sites

Bush fundraisers got $1.2 billion in public funds

Alito Supports Unauthorized Strip Searches: In Doe v. Groody, Alito agued that police officers had not violated constitutional rights when they strip searched a mother and her ten-year-old daughter while carrying out a search warrant that authorized only the search of a man and his home. [Doe v. Groody, 2004]

In case you missed it: Bush and Hitler: What The 'Torture Memos' Reveal: In the Spring of 1941, as Nazi Germany was preparing to invade the Soviet Union, Adolf Hitler issued an infamous edict which has become known as the "Commissar Order," to govern the conduct of German armed forces on the Eastern Front. This order provides a largely-unnoticed precedent for the "legal" rationalizations found in a number of hitherto-secret Bush Administration legal memoranda, which have recently come to light.

U.S. Ranks DISMAL 44th in Worldwide Press Freedom Index
(Propaganda Machinery get A+)

(Italy, Axis of Evil, New Enemy, New War)

The death of American politics

Companies perpetuate child labour in India

The enemy of liberty
The prime minister's bizarre philosophy of freedom
is a recipe for anarchy

How Dubya lost his swagger

Iran: Pluralism Under Construction -
- No Bombs Please

"War isn't healthy for children and other living things"

"Repent, America!" Screech the Theofascists

Aziz: Corporate Media Smearing Galloway


A Living Wage:
No Longer on the Auto Industry’s Agenda

Catholic Church hit by fresh sex abuse shame

Bishop of Derry revealed yesterday that child sex abuse allegations have been made against 26 priests who served in the diocese over the last 50 years.

Lipstick on a Pig:
The Folly of Media Reform

IRAQ: Veteran Peruvian Soldiers and Police
Recruited for Iraq by U.S. Contractors

Europe and Venezuela have cut their exposure
to the insane US debt

Evangelical leaders support Chavez' decision
to expel the US New Tribes Mission

VENEZUELA: World Social Forum ...
'creating peace and justice'

US Attempt to Sanction Syria Fails

Democratic Senators Urge Bush to Apologize for CIA-gate

Latin American Countries Called to Support Guatemala

Bush Plan for Cuba Is to Annex Her

Is Avian Flu another Pentagon Hoax?

Drugs No Answer to Bird Flu: Experts

Quarantine flu? It won't work
It's impossible to contain virus that spreads explosively

The Avian Flu Fright is Politically Timed
A Public Health Warning and Political Essay
by Dr. Leonard Horowitz

The Fear Contagion
A Flu Quarantine? No, Sir

Health officials say outbreak is inevitable
and virus would spread quickly

It's Official: Preventing Pandemic Impossible

Bird Flu Blues

Current avian flu is even more dangerous
than 1918 Spanish flu pandemic

Doctor Questions Tamiflu's Effectiveness

Experts Recommend New Measures for Bird Flu

Killer flu could hit any time
Any strain of bird flu could trigger a global flu pandemic,
a group of leading scientists warned

Cranberry and oregano make seafood safe to eat

Avian Influenza
The Next Human Influenza Pandemic?

Start building up your Immune system NOW!

Oreganol P73 and Oregacyn P73
Effective in Trials Again Avian Flu!
Avian Influenza virus
Test Agents: Oreganol P73 Extra Strength Formula
and Oregacyn
Don't Trust the Imitators- Get the ones used in the trials

American Senate Agrees to $4 billion
to prepare for influenza pandemic

Scientists warn of possibility of drug-resistant avian flu

New UN pandemic czar says survival of
"world as we know it" may be at stake

Martial Law as Cure for the Flu

What is the flu pandemic risk?

Which is the dangerous bird flu virus strain, and why?

Could we prevent a flu pandemic?

What is avian influenza?

Texan's Headline News:
Week of
October 26, 2005

The Blair Leading the Blind in Iraq

(Reading the Script the Bush handlers prepared for him)

Fear and rumours grip Birmingham
(Yes Blair is still PM)

The Anti-Syria Scam

Russia's emerging patriotic liberalism

Her Act of Courage
Changed a Nation

Rosa Parks, civil rights heroine, is dead

What Rosa Parks Gave America


US losing sway over China

Torrential rain storms continue their attack
on Caracas and coastal areas
(Thank the Lord..
God is punishing that Chavez:
says Pancake Huckster Pat Robertson?)

Former Abu Ghraib General:
Torture Is Continuing;
Order Came From Very Top
(The VERY top is BUSH - Commander in Chief)

Iraqi girls claim kidnapping by US soldiers
(Spoils of War? It's a Religious Right Belief!)

16 Year Old Anti-War Protester
Arrested In Palm Harbor, Florida
(But ProWar Assassin Advocate Pat Robertson Still Free?
Guns without Brains LIE about teen)

Saddam's defense team wants to put Bush on trial
(So does half the US)

LeVine on Playing the Chaos Card
in the Middle East

We, the People vs. Zionism

White House Orders Satirical Paper
'The Onion' to Stop Using Presidential Seal

Bush Refuses to Give Miers Material to U.S. Senate
(Then Impeach the Monkey!)

U.S. military death toll in Iraq reaches 2,000
(Bush may address the problem after his golf game,
fishing weekend, guitar practice, Crawford vacation - or NOT)

Guess what.
The enemy is in Washington DC,
not Iraq.

(Warning: This Link is to a Suspect
Bush Propaganda Machine)

Exception Sought in Detainee Abuse Ban
Bush/Cheney/Rummy want TORTURE Rights
(More of that Religious Right CRAP)

(Warning: This Link is to a Suspect
Bush Propaganda Machine)

Senators in G.O.P. Voice New Doubt on Court Choice
(Actually they are saying
Who, How, What, Why, the F*** is this?
NYT Whitehouses the Bush Propaganda)

Age discrimination rampant in UK workplaces
(What do you expect?
The Religious Right is now controlling the world)

Amid Public Support,
Syria Exposes "Loopholes" in UN Report

Iraq Charter Ratified, Sunnis Cry Foul

The Unbelievable Fixed
Iraq Referendum Results

Terror laws will apply to animal rights lobby

UK lawmaker rejects new US accusations over Iraq
(Iran has WMD - WMD - WMD - WMD says Bush)

Galloway tells senator
'put up or shut up' over oil cash

Former UN Weapons Inspector:
Don't Rule Out Staged Government Terror
(HiddenMysteries readers haven't!
Their brains still work)

In Your Face Destruction of the Constitution

Alert As Gales Sweep Across UK
(Pat Robertson blames it on sinning Brits?)

France says too early for sanctions against Syria

AIPAC lobbyists summon
Israeli diplomats to give testimony
(AIPAC = Tom DeLay's Funding)

Al-Aqsa Brigades calls for attacks on Israel

Big hitters in deadly game
that might have defeated Machiavelli

Crackdown on police perjury was never implemented
(You have to be a LIAR to be a cop!
You have to pretend to have a brain too)

Rape victim couldn't get 'morning after' pill
(Thanks to the Criminals and Bastards in the Religious Right)

Diabetes drug rushed toward approval kills twice as many people

Firm that produced illegal Medicare propaganda
gets contract to "educate" seniors on prescription drug plan

Dummy up!

The 'synagogue of satan' refers to Christians

Nagaland Baptist Churches
Nagas take to prayer in wake of quake alert
(Naga(s) is the Serpent...
These Christians are still seduced by the Serpent?)

Christian Culture is built on a Pagan base

Aggressive Christianity:
Combining the Bible and the Gun

Traditional Christianity:
Responsible for Human Misery?

Adolf Hitler's Positive Christianity

Bertrand Russell on Anti-Blasphemy Laws
and Religious Privilege

Society is Worse off when God is on Its Side

Ralph 'Body Bag' Reed Pushes
for Gambling in Churches

The Abramoff/ 'Body Bag' Reed Emails

Ralph 'Body Bag' Reed, staged news, and more.

'Christianity is not a religion'
(This has got to be the most illiterate editorial I've ever read.
Obviously the author has never read a history book
or the Treaty of Tripoli
or the views of Christianity by Paul, James, John, Benjamin
Such intellectual poverty, overt religious brainwashing,
and still no education)

Protest, debate illustrate irrelevancy of Christianity

Christianity is a cult,
and 'God' is a convenient illusion

Strange Rumblings at the Center of our Galaxy

Did Ancient Israel Exist?

The US Navy: lost in space?

Venus and Earth: Worlds Apart

Mars confounds crash site search

Archaeological sites are discovered near
new dual carriageway in Republic
Medieval farm is among major finds

Noam Chomsky On The Spontaneous
Invention Of Language

Steven Pinker On Why We Have Language

They want to overthrow science

'Intelligent Design Belittles God,' Says Priest

Records show violations in FBI secret operations

The 4 Billion Year Crime

Syria is being Set Up to Fail:
A Leaked Letter from Washington

Still Think Bush Is Doing a Great Job?
It's Not Your Fault!

Texan's Headline News:
Week of
Oct 2, 2005

Click for Larger View

Brownsboro Independent School District
Guilty of Obstructing Justice?

the Stockholm Syndrome,
and Psychological Warfare

The United States - Guilty of State Terrorism

... AND WIN!

The People of the Lone Star State

Bush chooses ally for high court
(Moronic President Chooses another appointee
with No Experience whatsoever)

Thousands of civilians flee military offensive
near Syrian border

Iraqi Government Totters
US Goes it alone Against Mighty Sadah
British Leave Basra Base

Oh Baghdad, my sweet …

The "ugly American" is schizophrenic

Donald Rumsfeld continued his bloody onslaught on civilian enclaves
this weekend by laying siege to the Iraqi city of Sadah.
A town of 2,000 desperately poor residents

Student who was Maced By Police is Now
Banned from Campus!
The officer who put Charles in a headlock
and sprayed mace in his face, is also
the Advisor to the College Republicans

To Whom It May Concern:

It is my understanding that Venezuela has offered assistance to the victims of the recent hurricanes in the United States. It is also my understanding that the current government of the United States has refused this assistance. I am the head of a dissident political movement in Texas that is opposed to US hegemony and I have personally been displaced and have lost nearly everything due to the hurricane which struck Texas. Due to my status as the leader of this movement the US government has denied me assistance. My story is not unique. I have spoken with hundreds and know of thousands of others who have experienced this form of US discrimination.

It is a time like this that proves that the United States has misplaced priorities. The can spends billions on destroying the sovereign nation of Iraq and millions to support a coup attempt in Venezuela but cannot care for those that they claim are subject to their rule.

I appreciate the stance that Venezuela has taken as a world leader on the issues of foreign policy and sovereingty and I welcome the assistance of Venezuela in Texas' time of hardship. I would like to offer our groups assistance to distribute whatever aid you find that your country is gracious to give. As I have been personally affected by this hurricane and by the indifference of the United States government to the suffering of it's most vulnerable citizens.

Daniel Miller
Republic of Texas Interim Government

Dual Occupations, Dual Jeopardy"

"Israel is the largest recipient of U.S financial aid in the world, receiving a staggering $14 million per day for the last 25 years," Zeese noted. Yet while it has given Israel more aid than it has to the entire continent of Africa, the U.S. does not control the relationship. In fact, the reverse is true, Zeese claimed, with Israeli leaders often in the driver's seat.

Bush Moves to Block Torture Probe
(Perhaps another Nuremburg Trial is in order?)

U.S. soldiers get off easy for crimes against Iraqis
Army officials found some of the missing items
in the soldiers' possession and they
admitted to robbing houses under the guise
of looking for illegal weapons,
the Army dismissed the charges

Elusive Terror Mastermind on the Loose

Constitution Conversations...

Bush's choice: America or the empire

High oil prices met with global outrage

The U.S. government for the first time is spending
federal dollars to promote the USA abroad
(Why would any foreigner want to come here to be
treated, abused and tortured like they do criminals?)

Typhoon, quake leave Taiwan shaken, stirred

Row over Blair aide's nuclear 'joke'

Lady Thatcher embroiled in US corruption probe
(Why don't they 'go git her' like they did Noreiga?)

UK jobless to rise above one million next year
(Thank you Tony Blair and GW Bush)

Processed foods? Read this, France says

Is Israel planning Iran strike?
(Is Israel to start WW3?)

Earthquake registering 4.3 shakes Israel

Israel seeks support abroad for blocking Hamas in PA elections
(Israel wants us to approve their ELECTION FRAUD)

Iran will give unforgettable lesson to Israel
if it ventures into targeting nuclear sites

'Assad insists that Syria and Iran will not be intimidated'

2nd quake jolts Peru

'KGB revelations biggest scandal in India'

India loses political credibility in anti-Iran vote

Migrants welcome - unless they're from the Middle East

Venezuela to Invest in Refineries in Brazil and Argentina

Seismologist installs measuring instruments at earthquake cluster site

Quake jolts Central California

Salem Apartment Building Mystery

Turning a Deaf Ear
Hughes Seems Clueless on a Listening Tour of Middle East

The Falklands: A Lesson for America in Iraq

The Last Thing Iraq Needs Now is the
Passing of its Draft Constitution
The West has embraced a radical pro-Iranian elite
and created a festering wound with the Sunnis

Translator Caught in Web

Foreign Women Refuse to Ignore War
As the Republican Party looks like it's crumbling,
it must be miserable being a GOP member these days

Rogue Soldiers or Rogue President?
Scapegoating Small-Fry

Indicting the President's Policies

Dems: Seriously Hapless

The Dark Side of Faith
Too much religion may be a dangerous thing.

The Post-Katrina Leadership Gap

DeLay's Critics are Numerous, So He Sees a Conspiracy
(no not really... he's trying to DeLay his Jail Time)

United States Dissident Senator Targeted In Assassination
Bombing Attempt In Oklahoma,
Covert US Military Force Kills Attackers

Iraq war 'DeLayed' Katrina relief effort, inquiry finds

Times reporter tried to cut earlier CIA leak deal

Troops 'Sweep' Through Lawless Iraq Cities
(What a propaganda piece... 'cities'? of 2000 poverty suffering residents?)
(US Troops captured 50?
Should have sent in the Texas Rangers
One Ranger One Riot)

Bush speech to crank up Iraq message

In a report chronicling the killing of an estimated 15,000 men, women and children by insurgents, the organisation insists that international law applies equally to US-led forces as well as those claiming to resist foreign occupation. “The armed conflict in Iraq is regulated by the 1949 Geneva Conventions and customary international laws,” says the report, Iraq: Insurgent Groups Responsible for War Crimes.

What's Wrong With Cutting and Running?

Last One to Leave, Please Turn on the Lights

Bush Misreads History
(of course he misreads everything)

The FBI's counterterrorism unit has launched a broad investigation of US-based theft rings after discovering that some of the vehicles used in deadly car bombings in Iraq, including attacks that killed US troops and Iraqi civilians, were probably stolen in the United States, according to senior government officials.

"The British have turned into terrorists," Fahed Jaber, a trader, said. "They have become Americans. Before, they were our friends; now we see them as occupiers."

Prosecutor in Plame Case May Seek Conspiracy Charges

Role of Rove, Libby in CIA Leak Case Clearer

Britain in the dock for human rights failures
after more than 100 'guilty' judgements filed
(and they accused Saddam?)

The U.K. Government hopes to persuade the
European Court of Human Rights
to overturn a ruling that prevents it
expelling foreign terror suspects.

Accused contractor may have left Afghanistan

Source to Stephanopoulos:
President Bush Directly Involved In Leak Scandal

Israelis won't testify in AIPAC trial

Taxpayers Forced to Pay Their Own Exploiters
Oil Refineries: Rigging the Profits

Keep the Internet Free from Monopoly
What is Community Internet?

Congressional Pork-Barrel Spending
Left New Orleans Vulnerable
The Dangers of the Iron Triangle

William Bennett's 'hypothetica' on racial genocide
(CONservitive RepubliCON show his true colors)

Behind the DeLay indictment:
vicious infighting within the US ruling elite

A Republic of Pickle Vendors
The devil does not live in the American heartland,
he just shits here

Particle colliders show the first clue
to breaking into the anatomy of Hyperspace

Archaeologists stumble on brickworks of ancient Rome

Dark chocolate helps diarrhea

Deadly bacteria detected in US capital during anti-war march

One Symptom No Longer a Clear Sign of Child Abuse

Fried Food and Fatter Kids

Gulf Wracked By Katrina's Latest Legacy
Disease, Poisons, Mold

La. coast no longer as nature intended

U.S. probes 'green cards for sex'

There's a stark difference in the way the U.S. confronted an oil crisis when Democrats were in control, compared to the way it has now that Republicans dominate.

California Cops Go To Pot

Paying For Rumsfeld's Mistakes

For the one-zillionth time, of the 15 cases Ronnie Earle has brought against politicians over the years, 12 were against Democrats. Earle was so aggressive in going after corrupt Democrats, the Republicans never even put up a candidate against him all during the '80s.

Hostage Mom Exposes Drug War Double Standard

Who is Judy Miller Kidding?

The Greatest Strategic Disaster in US History

Mr George W. Bush has already found that it
exhausted his mental powers to be transformed from
a New Englander into a born-again Texan

Knowing Nothing of God and Failing in Public
It is by now well established in the minds of religious Americans
that George W. Bush has been doing the work of God.
(Since GWB is a failure then it stands to reason that God is a failure)

For some time, now, Messrs. Bush and Blair and their coterie of sycophantic neophytes, have burbled on about the "new democracy" in Iraq having been successfully established - a laughable proposition were it not such a deadly one.

Darfur: What is going on?

Physicist discovers a formula of laughter

Exchanging the Kingdom of God for American mationalism: 'Robertson's call to implement this vision by assassinating a foreign head of state should not invalidate the metaphor any more than repeated fatwahs by Muslim fanatics calling for jihad against western civilization should invalidate the positive principles of Islam."

Chavez has done more for Venezuela' poor
than USA would ever give him credit for

Why the unity and integration of Latin America
is an issue of life or death...

USA needs a President just like
Venezuela's Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias...

What hope for gringos who still wait for
Bush to capture Osama dead or alive?

We see only too well how a liberal civilization
cares for the least of its brethren

Evangelicals in Venezuela:
Robertson only the latest controversy...

Political Crisis in Nicaragua Worsens
(U.S. Installed Government in Trouble?)

Texan's Headline News:
Sept 19-26, 2005

Click for Larger View

Brownsboro Independent School District
Guilty of Obstructing Justice?

On this day in 1967, Hurricane Beulah, the third largest hurricane of the twentieth century, struck South Texas. It battered the state for two days. The storm hit Brownsville with winds estimated at 140 miles an hour, moved northwest across South Texas to the vicinity of Alice, then turned southwest, crossed the Rio Grande between Zapata and Laredo, and finally blew itself out in Mexico. Tornadoes spawned by Beulah did extensive damage to South Texas and northeast Mexico.

Rita may hit farther south, but it's way too early to relax

Just-settled family may have to flee again

Group suing for jail access

Katy-area teen on trial in death of Alief teacher

'Sex slave' case ready to begin

On this day in 1865, pioneer aviator Jacob Friedrich Brodbeck may have made the first flight in an airplane--almost forty years before the Wright brothers--in a field about three miles east of Luckenbach. The Württemberg native settled in Fredericksburg in 1847. He had always had an interest in mechanics and inventing; in Germany he had attempted to build a self-winding clock, and in 1869 he designed an ice-making machine. His most cherished project, however, was his "air-ship," with a propeller powered by coiled springs. The 1865 model featured an enclosed space for the "aeronaut," a water propeller in case of accidental landings on water, a compass, and a barometer.

Protect Home, Family Against Unseen Danger: Carbon Monoxide

Hurricane Fallout Could Cost Area Producers Millions

Alfalfa Quality Affects Marketing

Doctor Shopping is an Important Step to Quality Health Care

Texas Task Force 1 returns from New Orleans, prepares for Rita

In Deep South Texas, peyote harvest dwindling

Uproar over Texas priest using pin on kids

Texas firm to build manure-powered ethanol plant in Kansas

Continued sweltering heat forecast across most of Texas

Man dies after police subdued him with pepper spray

New details released in Cave murder case

Civil suit filed in East Texas beating case

Texas Officer Drowns in Rescue Attempt

In Texas legal circles, just how bulletproof are TRMPAC and TAB?

Texas recalls National Guard from La.

El Paso, Texas Doctor Supports Nuts As Healthy Snacks

Supreme Court ruling tightens civil process industry

School Spending

Merck Had Warning Signs on Vioxx

Texas ranch food reflects melding of cultures

Texas' state parks need help today

UT grad student discovers dying star

Texan's Headline News:
Sept 7, 2005

Texas Independence Movement
Suffers Capitol Setback

Geraldo Rivera openly praises Texas and Texans
for their being a good neighbor to Katrina victims.

Texas Children’s evacuates seriously ill children
from Louisiana-area hospitals

Texas opens new shelters;
appeals to other states for help
(note: Not appealing to the Feds? )

Gov. Perry Orders Health Commissioner
to Develop Statewide Plan to Meet
Short-term and Long-term Health Needs of Evacuees

Immunization Requirements Relaxed for Students
Displaced by Hurricane Katrina, Texas

Texas helps businesses displaced by Katrina

FEMA money on its way to Texas

Texas at Tower Bridge

Was it el chupacabra?
West Texas man kills chicken slayer

Texas Home to Nearly 250,000 Hurricane Evacuees

Hacker sentenced in Texas

Kids enrolling in Texas schools without school or health records

Exhausted Evacuees Weather Long Lines In N. Texas

Displaced Teachers Could Get Jobs In Texas Schools

'Katrina' Victims To Get Debit Cards

Texas WIC Program Opened to Katrina Refugees

Texas Task Force 1 heads home to Bryan College Station

Texas game wardens aid Katrina's victims

Texas police officers make supply run to Louisiana

Emergency planners say Texas prepared for disaster

Rangers, Stars contribute $25,000 for school uniforms

Small East Texas Church Lending A Big Helping Hand To Evacuees

Some Katrina evacuees adopting Texas as home

East Texas Food Bank Helps Evacuees

Thanks, Texas

More Hondurans caught along Texas border

The great State of Texas Almanac

Texas insurance in the wake of Katrina

Texas struggles to cope from stretched resources

EMS Workers Face Trials,
Offer Compassion For Disaster Victims

Governor Perry Offers Comfort to Evacuees in Tyler

Shelters Still Need Doctors And Nurses

Washington ignores Medical Help and Supplies offered by Cuba!

Job fairs, other efforts to help Katrina victims find work

Brook Oaks Evacuees Move In!

Admission To The Ranger Museum

Count of evacuees in Central Texas

Emergency numbers for hurricane victims

West Nile Spraying Set For Dallas

Living Legend Now In Fort Worth Tells Story Of Survival

Surgeon General Praises Dallas' Relief Efforts
Health Emergency Declared In Texas

Salvation Army Accepts 'Truckloads' Of Donations
At Texas Stadium

(But Teachers and Other State Workers Get NOTHING!)



Council to offer taxing agencies $1 for dump

Texas helps provide social services

Texan's Headline News:
August 31- Sept 1, 2005

Texas Crop and Weather Report

Annual Sonora Ram Test Starts In September

Doctor Visits Made More Effective With Advance List

Something’s Got to Give with Farm Inputs

Valley Irrigation Districts Prepare for the Next Drought

Lemon Drop Kid colt tops Texas yearling sale,
average and median drop

Texas Guard musters to help Louisiana

"We Got the Middle Finger"

"Useless Eaters"

The Church of the Vagina
and Texas Comptroller Strayhorn

Bees attack, stinging many

Vitamin D, new drug fight prostate cancer

Government doesn't follow data mining rules

One-eighth of Americans are poor
(That makes Republicans Smile with glee)

Protecting the Texas blind salamander

Another bond election for LTISD

Cabbies want higher rates

Hurricane Evacuees Will Have An
Extended Stay In East Texas

Texas Children's Hospital Participates
in Flight Evacuation of Patients From
New Orleans Hospitals

Abortion Law in Texas Could See
Abortion Docs Charged With Capital Crime

Texas Trails National In College Entrance Exam Scores

Testing Texas' readiness for hurricanes

Texas Recording Artist Todd Fritsch
In The National Spotlight This Week

Search resumes for Texas man in
Rocky Mountain National Park

Texas is tops for lack of health coverage

East Texas Fishing Report

The Pain Is Just Beginning
For Mercky Dealings

The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center
Named AARP Best Employer for Workers Over 50

East Texas Business Feeds Storm Evacuees

400 miles from New Orleans,
Surfside Beach feels fury

DA opposed to new handgun law

Harris County probation director indicted

The 17-year-old was 13 when he
fathered the child with a woman at his church school

Ex-CIA operative denies Castro assassination plot

$6.4 million grant goes to UT-San Antonio

Area hotels feeling effects of hurricane

Uncovering the Hidden
Heir to the Holocaust

Bad Image or Bad Reality?

The Pyramid Scheme: A “Devastating Con”

The 10 Big Lies of Multi-Level Marketing

Conspiracy Fraud Exposed

Empowerment or Slavery?
MLM for Dummies

New Title - Now Published in Texas
Introductory Special!

Texas Author
from Richmond, Texas

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